5 Foods on the Do Not Eat List

5 Foods on the Do Not Eat List

Five foods to avoid to jump start your body towards healing and restoring healthy functions. Following these recommendations will start a process of more energy and feeling better that will be very noticeable within just a couple weeks. Give yourself two weeks, try these and see if you might want to make them permanent. If you need help controlling your hunger while you transition, www.thebestfoodstv.com offers an excellent idea to help with this.

White Sugar

This one should be painfully obvious. This includes White, processed sugar in the solid forma as well as liquid such as sodas. Sugar will cause a rollercoaster effect with your energy and immune function.

White Bread

White Bread is another that has been stripped of all its beneficial nutrients with a few added back in, although in a form that is altered and harder for the body to recognize. With the exception of a few foods such as cauliflower, which is a fantastic member of the cruciferous family of vegetables, most foods that are white should be avoided.

Factory farmed Beef

Factory Farmed Beef has its ratio of Omega3 and Omeg6s severally altered and is very acidic harming the body which instead would thrive in an alkaline state.


Unless you have been tested for gluten tolerance, it is usually best for everyone to avoid Gluten when known and possible. For some gluten sensitivity can be extremely detrimental causing a host of physical problems with energy, digestion and overall gut health.

Unpronounceable Ingredients

Anything that is processed with ingredients you cannot pronounce is likely a terrible thing to eat.

Bonus Food to Avoid – High Fructose Corn Syrup

There is a long laundry list of reason to avoid this highly processed, altered substance that has no resemble to corn or anything else found in nature. This is Genetically Modified chemical that has been altered beyond recognition. Avoid this at all costs if your health is something you value. The change in how you fell will be incredibly noticeable once you do.