Organic Foods Known to Contain More Nutrition

Organic Produce Better Than Conventional?

For decades the debate has raged on as to whether Organic vegetables contain more nutrition than conventionally grown vegetables and thereby benefiting those that eat organic. Until the past couple years there has not been much conclusive evidence that they do – until now. During 2014 a few large scale studies have finally demonstrated the befits of eating organic.

And now new studies have shown that organic vegetables contain up to 50% more nutrients for the same amount of vegetables consumed. As well, they contain fewer heavy metals and pesticides. Combining this with being able to obtain more nutrition by eating less, the result is the consumer being exposed to even less of these negative contaminants.

Natural Antioxidants are also in higher concentrations prompting many to tout organic as more anti aging than convention foods. Natural options are nearly always better than not for almost anything. A recently posted article has even shown a new natural alternative to normal appetite suppressants which is derived from only on ingredient found in spinach – and it is proving to be highly effective as well. Obtaining a natural food or solution when it is available just makes sense.

Prior Studies

Studies even as recent as 2010 have shown some increase in nutritional properties of organic foods yet many have stated that has no transferable benefit to the consumer. More studies showed that children who ate organic had less pesticides in their bodies, but again it has been stated that this benefit does not transfer into improved health.

The heavy metals found in higher concentrations in conventional produce is not a result of the conventional vegetable having a higher uptake more than the organic counterpart, but rather that the fertilizers used in conventional farming often carry with them higher amounts of cadmium and other heavy metals from the base materials used to make them. Natural compost and other fertilizers normally in organic farming practices will not have these heavy metals in such a high concentration.

Latest Study

Newcastle University, on their website, have reported the publishing of the latest study by the British Journal of Nutrition which has conclusively shown a significant reduction in lead, mercury and other heavy metals in organic produce.


The argument that organic only costs more and offers no identifiable benefit to the consumer has now been successfully challenged. Eating organic has its many benefits.

But even eating conventionally grown vegetables is healthier than not eating them out of fear of containments. Veggies are just plain better for you than processed food. Eat your veggies.