Child Poverty in South Africa

Child poverty in South Africa is a case that really needs to be addressed. A lot of people think that this is still linked to apartheid, but that is certainly not the case. What is quite sad is that people are under the assumption that there is nothing wrong at all so the country tries to hide the situation away under the covers as if there were nothing to worry about.

Before the FIFA Soccer World cup came to the country people were wondering what was going to become of the situation with child poverty and poverty in South Africa in general. A few days before the event took place children were taken off the street mysteriously.

Tourists come to Africa not knowing the situation, but the poverty statistics show us how bad things really are. It is a little like a catch-22 scenario because parents don’t have the funds to send their children to school to improve their way of life and give them an education so they are stuck on the street, most of the time begging to pass the day.

Slowly, people are being made aware of the situation. Volunteers have been building houses in the townships out of funds that they provide. It is fantastic that people have the heart for a cause like this, but it would be great if more people were aware of life on the streets. When you have a look at mansions overlooking the ocean it really makes you stop and think.